Author: Abdoulaye Balbone

About Abdoulaye Balbone

Abdoulaye Balbone was born at Cocody, a suburb of Abidjan, in Côte d’lvoire. After his secondary education, he enrolled in the Training and Research Unit in Economics and Economics Management where he obtained a degree in Economics in 2015 with concentration in Macro-Economics. He then joined the Burkinabè Movement for Human and Peoples’ Rights (MBDHP) in 2007 as the permanent secretary for Boutique of Law, a structure specialized in the support for the rights of victims of violation. In 2012, Mr. BALBONE was admitted to the public service journalism competition. After three years of training, he was assigned to the editorial of the daily newspaper of the state (Sidwaya) in September 2015. He works currently at the political and diplomatic desk of Sidwaya.