Film about JiGC-Conference 2016 in Nairobi

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Film about third JiGC conference in Nairobi by Gordon Wüllner For an online platform, students from the Erich Brost Institute of Journalism produced journalistic pieces together [...]

The long arm of Eritrean tax law

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Refugees in Uganda

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From Tanzania into the German job market and back

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Finding a job in Germany: Steps on a stony way “I want to go to Europe to learn and gain knowledge to increase my competences in my field of study. That is my key goal.” Innocent M [...]

Escaping Eritrea: Four boys with scars on their souls

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A thin layer of snow is covering the hills surrounding Waldhausen, a small village in Western Germany. The air is crisp, every breath visible. The streets are lined by old brick houses. Each one of them looking differently, but still the same. Waldhausen is the epitome of what a provincial German village would look like. This place is now home of Aaron, Samson, Ariam and Abel* – four young men who made their way from Eritrea to Germany. […]

Standstill in the margins – Experiences of African refugees and migrants in Germany

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"People tend to believe I am strong. But I am like a candle flame in a steadily blowing wind." When Cellou Diallo (All names of refugees have been changed) looks back on the past t [...]

“No human being should face this kind of situation”

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Over 30 years they lie to africa

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    Bild von Gerd Altmann [...]