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Journalism in a Global Context

The African-European project “Journalism in a Global Context” aims at connecting journalism students in Africa and Europe, thus promoting the quality of foreign reporting of Europe and Africa in a crucial time of development for both continents. Students from both continents produce media input together and focus on migration from Africa to Germany and Europe. Their stories show the reality of life of African refugees in Europe and mention alternatives to flee. You can find the results of the students’ work on this website.
1010, 2016

“Not human being should face this kind of situation”

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2909, 2016

Over 30 Years They Lie to Africa

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209, 2016

Dunkelhäutige Sudanesen in Israel Teil 2/2

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1112, 2015

Follow-Up-Konferenz in Äthiopien

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2911, 2015

Medien und Flüchtlinge – Perspektiven aus Afrika

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208, 2015

Migration nach Europa – Nordafrika als Grenzwächter Europas?

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