Author: Codou Loume

About Codou Loume

Codou is a Journalist-reporter working for a voluntary community radio station known as Radio –OXYJEUNES. She graduated from the Institute of Sciences' Information and Communication. As a practicing journalist for many years, Codou has been interested in gender equality, human rights and social justice. She has always sought the integration of boys and girls through her radio programme. Working with persons in special needs, permitted her to better understand the challenges young people, women and children are facing today in different subjects: migration, education, health; human right and many others. She has participated in many training programmes, partucilalrly, on Immigration. The latest is Aware Migrants Radio 4, a project that addresses Migrants in transit and potential Migrants, who are in their country of origin. They inform the public in local languages; talking about the risks, dangers associated with flights as a way to discourage people who want go on this adventure. She has always used this opportunity to show that it was possible to stay in Senegal and succeed.