Winning Entries

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Coverage of Migration to Europe

As a part of the conference from the African Media Initiative (AMI) and the Journalism in a Global Context Project (JIGC) in Kenia 2016 conference fellowships have been available for African journalists.

Thus, journalists in all African countries could encouraged to complete reports on all aspects regarding migration from Africa to Europe (to be published in print/online/broadcasting).

A jury chaired by AMI Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Eric Chinje reviewed all submissions.

You can find the winning entries here on this website.

Immigrants bankrolling malawi for passage to South Africa

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About 500 – 1000 illegal immigrants are aided to enter Malawi per week, according to stats from both the Police and the Immigration department. The local syndicate is part of a wider network spanning Malawi, Tanzania, Mozambique and Zimbabwe, sources said. A former member of the syndicate, who prefe

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