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About Journalism in a Global Context

In the past year, political and public debates across Europe have been dominated by the ever-increasing wave of migrants from the Middle East and Africa.

The African-European project “Journalism in a Global Context” aims at connecting journalism students in Africa and Europe, thus promoting the quality of foreign reporting of Europe and Africa in a crucial time of development for both continents. Students from both continents produce media input together and focus on migration from Africa to Germany and Europe. Their stories show the reality of life of African refugees in Europe and mention alternatives to flee. You can find the results of the students’ work on this website.

Moreover, students take a closer look on the role of the media in the refugee crisis: How do African media report – and frame – the current massive exodus of fellow countrymen? How do media across Europe live up to the challenge of covering the dramatic events at home and in the Mediterranean Sea – as well as the political and economic situation in the migrants’ home countries? Students discuss the idea how foreign reporting could practices be improved both in Africa and in Europe, to foster a better mutual understanding.

Currently, African journalists have been invited to submit journalistic pieces on all issues related with migration to Europe. You can find the results of the journalists’ work on this website, too.

The project is sponsored by the German Foreign Office and implemented by the Erich-Brost Institute for international Journalism and Africa Positive, a non-profit association based in Dortmund, Germany. The project started in 2015 with two conferences involving journalists and scholars from African and European countries to discuss challenges in media coverage of African issues in the media and launch the idea for a new African-European project in the field of journalism education. The African Media Initiative (AMI) connects the project to news outlets across Africa.

All journalistic products on this website may be used provided the source and the authors are mentioned. The right of use exclusively includes use in the own media. A sale of the journalistic products is excluded. It is excepted from the grant of rights the rights to modify, amend or supplement.

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